Tiny House Life


Our tiny home is 20′ x 8′ x 13’3″ (tall side). We call it Goldfender, though it does not actually have any gold on it. It wouldn’t make sense if I tried to explain it. There are two lofts: the larger is the main sleeping area while the second one has been a storage area. We began building in January 2015 in Bozeman, MT and by July 2015 we had hit the road. At that point we had finished the exterior, windows, insulation and interior wall paneling. The rest we did while living in the home. For the first three months we lived at a KOA outside of Nashville, TN. We had a sink with running water, but no shower at that point. Thankfully the KOA had public bathroom facilities. After our time in Tennessee we headed north to Wisconsin where we stayed happily parked on family property for nearly two years.  Destined for the west Goldfender hit the road in July 2017 where it found a forever home on 40 acres in Curlew, WA.

We use a 2 KW solar power system to run our entire house. We lose a fair amount of power through the conversion of power from DC to AC so I would recommend wiring in DC plugs whenever possible if you are wanting to build a tiny house and run off solar. Totally doable either way! We use very little electricity. The most consumption recently has been from the refrigerator and a 125 W heat lamp for the ducklings at night. Other than that, we charge devices, power the internet, use a skillet, toaster oven, or hot plate for cooking once or twice a day (during the summer months), and our hot water heater which we only turn on before we want to take a shower. Otherwise, we get hot water by boiling it on the hot plate. During the winter we have a wood stove with an oven chamber and cook top which we use instead of electronic cooking appliances.

Interested in building your own tiny house or just curious how we did it? Leave a comment!

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