It’s Time to Begin

Things are picking up now that spring is at our doorstep. Last week was snowy and cold so Grant had the perfect opportunity to work on our earthship plans. He finished drawing the plans in CAD and we will be off to the Planning department for a permit soon! It is time to build our dream home!!! Once the plans are reviewed and approved I will share them for all to see!

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Blossom gave birth to a beautiful ewe lamb last Sunday evening. She hasn’t been allowing Slushie (ewe lamb) to nurse so we have had to go out there every hour to hold her leg so her poor sweet baby can eat! Yes, we know we could have milked Blossom and bottle fed or bottle fed her a milk replacer, but it was just as easy if not easier to just hold her leg for a 5-10 minutes while she eats hay and baby gets to nurse. It is bring Slushie so close to us! She is just the most friendly little thing. Also, Tulip gave birth to two ram lambs yesterday for St. Patrick’s Day. For now, their names are St. Spots and Bandz. At first it seemed like Bandz wasn’t going to make it. He was shivering and not suckling or looking for mama’s teat. Grant squirted some milk into his mouth and now he is nursing all on his own. They are starting to get a hang of walking and are jumping and prancing like happy little critters. We are going to let Blossom and Tulip along with all the lambs back together today. I think they miss each other and Tulip has had over 24 hours to bond with her lambs so we feel it is safe now to let Blossom and Slushie in to play.

Rabbits are coming out to play left and right! We have at least six surviving babies from Nibbles and Carrot’s kit that are exploring further and further from their den. So fun to watch! One of our rabbits likes to chase the dogs. Grant calls him Play Boy. So entertaining! Sometimes it is a bit scary and I am not sure how long it will continue before a dog decides to go chomp chomp. For now it is fun and the rabbit is the instigator so it is his own fault if something happens.

UPDATE: Arrow killed Play Boy after she had been bit one too many times.

The chickens are happy and laying their eggs EVERYWHERE! We found eggs behind the hay bales, eggs in their old coop that is now the rabbit hide out, and eggs in their nest boxes thankfully. The barn yard is alive and we are all so happy spring is here.

It has however brought a little anxiety because there are so many projects! The priority is to get the Angora/ Pygoras sheared. Oh yeah, I picked up two Pygora does on Thursday evening to bring our total goat count to seven! They hadn’t been shorn this past fall so their fiber is matted very badly. We were able to shear Ramazoid yesterday so we only have the goats to go! In addition to finishing shearing we want to dig a spring for a consistent water source, fence the other 30 acres, start building the earthship, plant a couple of hugelkultur mounds for the basics: onions, carrots, squash, corn, beans, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes. I know that isn’t very much, but for our first year and it being in addition to all the other year one projects we want to do it will be enough. One step at a time. Well, I’m sorry I don’t have more to share today. There is just too much to do! I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the beautiful day! We will catch up again soon!







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