Happy New Year!

Oh, I do love winter, but I am sure feeling the effects of the shortened days! But, we are on the up and up! We are welcoming 2018 and looking forward to the blessings already on their way! Happy to have spent some much needed quality time with the family over the holidays. It was the most special, memorable Christmas of all. It was the last Christmas I got to spend with my grandpa and I miss him very much, but he will stay with me in spirit and heart.

Grant and I are both back on the homestead and taking our time before making any big moves. We are preparing ourselves for a very busy spring ahead. We have collected over 100 tires so far and we just got a great hookup with a local tire shop that will give us as many tires as we want! It is the closest option by far and I am so grateful! It will be so convenient to just stop by on our way to get groceries every other week with the trailer and fill up. We won’t be making separate out of the way trips to far off lands or wasting countless hours talking to prospective deliveries that fall through. This is perfect. Some plans have to fail so new ones can form. So, we are piling up our tires in three different size groups: small, medium, and large. The largest tires will be the first few rows of the earthship. Working up the walls we will work largest to smallest tires, pounding dirt into each tire along the way.


Grant during our first day stacking tires.


The next project we have to tackle is drawing the building plans. We have a general idea of the layout (where the stairs will be, doorways, windows, etc.) but we haven’t drawn with exact measurements to meet County regulations for the building permit. Grant is using an online free drawing tool to develop the plans. I’ll provide more details once we have the plans made.

Yesterday, Grant and I took a snowshoe hike over to the West side of the property, where the earthship will be. Earlier in the fall, we marked out the perimeter with stones. When we went back yesterday Grant marked out the 60′ circle in the snow so we could go visualize from the next hill over.

Can you see the circle in the snow on the hill above my head?

Now, we collect tires and patiently enjoy what old man winter brings us. In the spring, Grant will dig that area out with the backhoe and the work will begin. Meanwhile, I’ll be planning our first hugelkultur garden beds and layer one of our dream food forest: nut and fruit trees along with berries and other low lying perennials. Many cozy days of reading and enlightening ahead!


Wishing you all the best in 2018! Dream big!


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Barbara Green January 21, 2018 / 8:55 pm

    Thanks for the update! Can’t get enough! Love, Mom💓💞


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