A New Beginning

After one week and a couple of stressful situations we made it safely to Curlew, WA. We went through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington.

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Nothing eventful happened the majority of the way, until Washington… First, Google Maps attempted to take us through a single lane, 12’4″ high tunnel which Grant did not see the sign for. Google Maps has an option to avoid bridges, tolls, etc. Use it! I called him as he was just beginning to enter the tunnel. Phew! He ended up backing up and making a U-turn because our house is 13’3″ tall! That would have been horrible! So we continued on our merry way.  Then, about an hour later North of Spokane I spotted a grease cap bouncing down the highway. We pulled over immediately and thankfully, with the spare parts Grant had picked up before we left, repaired the barring on the side of the road and kept on trucking.



At last, after years of dreaming of our perfect homestead, we have arrived. It was the happiest day of my life. A sudden calmness overtook me and I felt blissful. I am very much enjoying the slow pace, low stress lifestyle of this beautiful town and the people in it. They have been so friendly and welcoming. I think we will fit right in!

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Once we got to our new spot, we leveled the tiny house. We should have probably put down a gravel or concrete pad for the house, but opted out for financial reasons. We may still do it in the future. Instead we just went to the local hardware store and bought about 16 cinder blocks. This is what we used to level the trailer corner by corner. Eventually we got it level, but not without a scare. I’m so happy we made it here and we still have a house to live in.

Now, we are on to new projects!  Grant is building a 8′ x 12′ shed for water collection, solar array, and storage. He is currently working on roofing the shed with corrugated sheet metal

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I ordered 15 assorted Bantam breed straight run day old chicks. Straight run just means the chicks will not be sexed. However, only 12 survived. If at all possible, purchase local chicks instead of online ordering. I was impatient and wasn’t finding baby chicks online readily available to me through Craigslist or Facebook groups. So it took Cackle Hatchery 3 days to get my chicks to me. That is WAY too long! I was miserable waiting for them to arrive. They were supposed to be here Friday and didn’t make it until Saturday. Everyone is happy and healthy now.

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I’ve also started building a chicken tractor. For those who don’t know that is just a coop on wheels essentially so it is mobile. This way the chickens can graze different sections of the property. This is beneficial for you and the birds. They get fresh food and you get your lawn tilled and fertilized. Win-win! I’ll share my building plan in another post in the near future. For now, let the journey continue…

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