Tiny House Traveling

In tribute to our upcoming move to Washington I’ve decided to post a checklist for getting your tiny house ready for the journey! It is undeniably stressful to move across country with your HOUSE going 60-70 mph down an interstate! Though it is stressful, there is a lot of comfort being able to park and walk into your home again, no matter where you are. That said, it is important to be prepared as much as possible. Below is a step-by-step guide of what we do to prepare for travel.

Tiny House Rest Stop
Play time at a rest stop in North Dakota.


  • Oil changes/ fluids check on the truck*

*If you want to take your vehicle(s) into the shop, they can do an in-depth check of the suspension, brakes, alignment, and steering as well as your basic tune-up requirements. It is important that the tow vehicle is in good shape!

  • Grease the trailer wheel bearings
  • Check tire pressure on all tires (trailer and truck)
  • Tighten lug nuts (trailer and truck)
  • Pack a roadside emergency kit for quick fixes**
    • Includes basic tools for changing wheel bearings or other trailer issues, grease, cloth towels/ rags, spare fluids

**We had an incident where we lost the dust cap from a wheel and the castle nut started backing off. It was loose causing the wheel to wobble, but thankfully we caught it before the wheel had come completely off! Eek! We ended up spending the night in a Farm & Fleet parking lot in IL waiting to get it repaired. At least we got to sleep in the comfort of our own home!

  • Drain your water system
    • Includes emptying collection tank most of the way as well as all the pipes in the house, draining and turning off the hot water heater, and turning off the water pump.
  • Pack a spare bag of clothes for the vehicle, (just in case!) along with anything else you’d feel more comfortable taking in the vehicle for safe keeping.
  • Pack fragile items or anything that may cause damage if shifted during travel and set on the floor of the house. We will have about three-five boxes of stuff that will need to be packed. Everything else is fine as is. How easy, right?!
  • Tie/ lock cabinet doors to keep items from falling out.
  • Empty contents of the refrigerator and put remaining items in a cooler.
  • Install equalizer hitch, check your lights are working, check the brake controller, and hit the road!

Once you are on the road, remember to check the temperature of the wheel caps at each stop. If they are too hot, something is likely wrong. Make sure there is enough grease in the bearings. Check that the safety chains and wires are still connected securely at each stop and that nothing is out of the ordinary.

Happy traveling!

Reminder to Self: ENJOY THE JOURNEY!


  • Grant, Bailey, and Sahara celebrating the safe journey from Bozeman, MT to Madison, WI in July 2015. Greeted by Labradoodle, Ozwald.




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