Tiny House Building Supplies

Once we made the decision to build the tiny house we started gathering what we needed to make it happen. If you haven’t read the post about Trailer Hunting, click here. What else do you need?

  1. Lumber (countless 2x4s)
    • Countless was an exaggeration, you can get your count pretty close by counting every stud, top/bottom plates, rafters, floor joist, etc. in your building plan.
  2. Plywood for the floors, walls, roof, and loft floors
  3. Insulation – We used denim insulation in the walls and ceiling. Foam board in the floor, and spray foam for cracks/ gaps/ small spaces.
  4. Screws
  5. Windows
  6. Door(s)
  7. Cabinetry
  8. Trim
  9. Sink(s)
  10. Toilet (?) We went with a bucket and sawdust and have no complaints so far.
  11. Shower
  12. Hot Water Heater
  13. Water collection tank
  14. Flooring
  15. Countertop

There is so much scrap lumber available on Craigslist for free or cheap. It is unreal! Whenever possible we used Craigslist for our tiny house shopping. We went in to glass shops for scrap pieces of glass which we used to build the skylight and a couple of our windows. Did I mention they gave it to us for free?! We also asked co-workers, family, friends if they had anything they were getting rid of. We received windows, doors, a sink, shower fixtures, cabinetry, screws, house wrap, flooring, and soooooo much lumber! It was amazing! People were so kind and loved to hear about our adventure. In doing so, our tiny home only cost $12,000.  We were able to build it with just the money from our day jobs. Please be responsible when building and try to reuse and recycle whenever possible! Something to be conscious of when building is the amount of waste you yourself create and recall there are dangerous chemicals in many building products. I recommend reading the labels and using natural alternatives whenever possible. Also, dispose of these items properly. When you collect recycled materials it provides a much more unique experience, creates a second life for the item, and keeps it out of the landfill. In most cases, we have a story that went along with picking up the materials which is deeply satisfying. Post a comment

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