Trust Your Journey


“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”Lao Tzu

Every single person on this planet today is on a journey. Some of us are still uncertain of our purpose on this journey, but I’m beginning to see my purpose more clearly everyday. My mom seems to think this journey I’m on is worth sharing too so here I am writing to you!

To jump right into it, my now husband and I were surfing Netflix back in 2014 when we stumbled upon a documentary titled “Tiny”. About five minutes into the show our minds were made up. So… we set out planning. I’m a LIST freak! I LOVE lists, goals, plans, all of it! We heard a lot of naysayers over the first few months and to combat the questions and negative energy, we researched a TON! We had the plan nailed down from start to finish before we purchased the trailer. That doesn’t mean things didn’t come up. We had to improvise at times! You can’t stop others from questioning your ideas or trying to instill fear in your dreams. I’m sure it isn’t always intentional, but it played a HUGE role in our success. We believed we could, so we did.

Tiny House Rest Stop

We had the idea that we needed to make our own plans, build our home exactly how WE wanted it. We found the website for Tiny Home Builders and their book “Tiny House Design & Construction Guide“. With this we were able to visualize the process. I had NO prior building experience, but I had basic knowledge of power tools from a high school shop class. Grant had been in a building competition in high school so he had essentially built a tiny house from start to finish before he even graduated from high school. STOP! I say this, but I don’t mean that everyone has to have experience building! You can still do it! I worked some days without Grant by my side, so I truly believe anyone with a will to build it can do it! With my planning and his skills we got straight to work with the Tiny House Guide mentioned above, thousands of Google searches and HOURS of YouTube videos! We began building on New Year’s Day 2015 in Bozeman, MT at 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the snow was coming down (we built outside). Fast forward to present day 2017 we are nearly finished. Only trim/ appearance work to do. We have towed it cross-country. First, we moved from Montana to Tennessee. Then, from Tennessee to Wisconsin. Now, we are about to embark on another quest to Washington to begin our homesteading dreams! So… to tie up my first blog post, what I mostly wanted to share, is that EVERYONE can follow and achieve their dreams. It just takes some inspiration, dedication, and a belief in yourself and your purpose. Even when things go wrong, remember your goal and trust your journey.


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