All of the critters are eager to meet you!

The Dogs:

Sahara, Drako, Orca, and Arrow – the farm dogs. They are quite the adventurous bunch. They manage this place and all of the critters. Their favorite hobbies include running with the ATV, hunting for birds, hanging out with the sheep, and monitoring the rabbits whereabouts. When they aren’t out exploring they are cuddling in the tiny house.

The Sheep:

We have three East Friesien dairy sheep; 2 Ewes and 1 Ram.

Two Lips

Tulip (Two Lips) LOVES treats and is the leader of the gang. She is a 2015 white ewe who singled her first year and twinned this past year. She is a good mother and is much calmer and more social than the others. She has been milked by her previous owner and should be a great producer for us.


Brown Sugar Blossom is a 2016 black ewe. She singled this past year with her prior owner and ended up loving motherhood even allowing other lambs who weren’t hers to nurse. She is a bit shy, but will let you scratch her back for a treat. She is a curious girl who is more interested in cats than humans.


Then there is young Ramazoid or Ramses. He is the smallest one, for now. He follows the ladies around aimlessly and loves every minute of his day. He has been gentle and shy so far.

The Goats:

We recently acquired a free 7 month old Nigerian Dwarf buck Grant named Sputnik. He is the sweetest little guy. Then I found him a couple of ladies to keep him company, two Nubian does Cinnamon and Muffin. Cinnamon is not the most friendly goat to the others, but loves people and knows how to get a treat. They love to talk, nonstop! Cinnamon is about 100 lbs. and is known to give a gallon of milk a day! I am ultimately looking for Angora does to breed to the Nigerian Dwarf buck to make excellent milk and fiber goats. We aren’t interested in the meat, just dairy and fiber. The Nubians are an experiment just to get to know goats over the winter and get some experience under our belts!

The Cats:

Kanaya and Claw (both females) are the stars of the show around here. Spending their days toying with grasshoppers and their nights chasing voles. All the time in between is for napping and climbing.

The Rabbits:

Nibbles (female) and Carrot (male) enjoy a free range lifestyle coming and going for alfalfa pellets and water. They come out to socialize around dusk and dawn. Carrot is quite a friendly, social rabbit. He even approaches Sahara! Nibbles is much more afraid!

The Chickens:


We now have an assortment of chickens who are wild and noisy. They are a ton of fun! They live their days out free range in the yard and their nights cooped up safe from predators.